IV Sedation Dentistry

IV Sedation Dentistry in Novi, MI

Our office has provided oral and intravenous sedation for dental treatment for over twenty years.

Why consider being sedated?

  • Are you afraid of dental treatment? Most people are, to some degree, but others are truly frightened.
  • Do you gag easily? Sedation will control the gag reflex.
  • Are you "difficult to numb"? The combination of sedation, along with many numbing "tricks" Dr. Blavin has learned over the years, will ensure that you will be comfortable.
  • Does the smell or noise of dental treatment set you on edge?

Dr. Blavin has performed thousands of sedation dentistry procedures over the past twenty years. He has seen the wonder of patients waking up and asking, "Are you done already?" even after hours of treatment! Sedation will allow you to finally be treated comfortably.

Lori with IV sedation patient Sedation Dentistry Novi, MI

Our IV Sedation Dentistry Approach

Dr. Blavin recommends intravenous ("IV") sedation, not sedative pills, for two very important reasons:

  1. Safety. If the need arises, Dr. Blavin can quickly give other medications which reverse an intravenous sedation. Also, the dosage can be completely customized to your needs - no guessing about whether you need one, two, or three pills, and being under or over sedated.
  2. Speed. With an intravenous line, adjustments can be made immediately to the amount of sedation during treatment. If a patient is not sedated appropriately, Dr. Blavin can increase the dosage and resume treatment within a few minutes. With a pill, absorption of the medication takes 30-45 minutes and you must hope that you will be properly sedated (not under or over sedated).
  3. Even so, we frequently give a sedative pill before the appointment to help you relax. For those who are very needle phobic, we can treat you with pill-only sedation, though for the reasons given above it's not our first choice.

Dr. Blavin's in-depth experience with sedation dentistry and training is highly unique. Most dentists who offer sedative pills do not have the experience of being trained by anesthesiologists in a hospital residency program.

For more information on IV Sedation Dentistry call Briar Pointe Dentistry in Novi, MI at (248) 347-0030.

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