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Are you visiting Briar Pointe Dentistry for dental bonding or a composite dental filling? Our dentists and team want to make sure that your restoration is not only durable and comfortable but also unnoticeable to other people — or even to you! Our office uses the OMNICHROMA system in Novi, Michigan, to ensure that your filling or bond matches the color shade of your tooth perfectly. Are you ready for your perfect smile? Call 248-347-0030, and one of our team members can schedule your visit with Dr. Neil Blavin or Dr. Rikki Blavin.


In the past, dental composite material often came close to matching the color of your tooth, making a restorative or cosmetic procedure harder to spot. OMNICHROMA takes the process even further since it can perfectly match any shade of any tooth. Our dentists can ensure that the repair not only blends in with your tooth but also your entire smile. The system accomplishes this through the use of a special light that passes through the composite material that reflects color of the surrounding tooth material and combines it with the resin. In addition to the cosmetic benefits, OMNICHROMA composites are extremely strong, which makes them perfect not only for repair a problem but also for holding dental veneers, crowns or other restorations firmly in place.