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IV Sedation Dentistry in Novi, MI

Depending on the type of treatment you are receiving at Briar Pointe Dentistry and your level of dental anxiety, our dentists may recommend a higher level of sedation. Among our sedation options, we offer general anesthesia in Novi, Michigan. During your visit, Dr. Neil Blavin or Dr. Rikki Blavin can talk with you about whether or not this type of anesthesia would be right for you. Call our office at 248-347-0030 for more information about sedation dentistry in Novi, Michigan.

General anesthesia is what many patients think of when they think of sedation dentistry. Because using general anesthesia puts patients to sleep, our dentists and team can perform the necessary procedures with ease while still ensuring patient comfort throughout. This anesthetic option can be administered through an injection in the hand or arm or through inhalation. When used in tandem with a long-lasting local anesthetic applied directly to the affected area, general anesthesia allows patients to wake up feeling relaxed, comfortable and numb for however long it takes for their anesthesia to wear off.

Patients, or the parents of children receiving dental care, may consider general anesthesia if:

  • They have had difficulty receiving treatment in the past.
  • Their anxiety or panic makes it difficult to receive treatment safely.
  • They plan on receiving multiple dental treatments in a single appointment.
  • Their specific treatment is difficult to administer while they are awake.
  • They have special needs that limit their ability to understand or comply with safety directions during treatment.

If you are planning on receiving general anesthesia during your appointment, our dentists and team will supply you with detailed instructions on how to prepare for sedation and how to keep yourself safe and healing properly after treatment. These instructions will include eating and drinking directions for before and after your procedure. Our team is more than happy to answer any questions you may have.

We are proud to offer this treatment to patients in the areas surrounding our office as well. To learn more about general anesthesia in Livonia, Northville, Plymouth, West Bloomfield, Bloomfield Hills, Wixom, Salem, Worden or Farmington, Michigan, feel free to give us a call!