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Our dentists, Dr. Neil Blavin and Dr. Rikki Blavin, and the team at Briar Pointe Dentistry make patient safety our highest priority, and our commitment to ensuring your well-being is integral to every part of our practice. Our office features the VistaClear™ line sterilization system in Novi, Michigan. To learn more about the role this system plays in keeping you healthy during your appointment, call 248-347-0030 today and schedule an appointment.

The VistaClear line sterilization system features micron-level filtration to remove bacteria and other health hazards from our water lines. It eliminates the need for bottles and isolates the water used in the treatment room from other water sources in the building, helping to create an additional level of infection control. This system plays an important role during treatments such as scaling and root planing or irrigation, making your visit as sanitary as possible. Additionally, the VistaClear system does not use harsh or harmful chemicals, which helps us maintain an office that is environmentally friendly.

While you will not see the VistaClear system during your appointment, you can rest assured that it is helping us keep you safe while you are in our office.